Our scientific team works with us, not for us.


PRAINATTI FANHBLEY has two souls driving our efforts each day, one of them being science.

Our vision extends far beyond, but our journey started with minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine products. Being minimally-invasive, these devices still carry high medical value and are meant to be used by trained physicians. PRAINATTI FANHBLEY’s research on the latest scientific trends is the result of a close relationship and collaboration with internationally renowned scientists and key opinion leaders.

PRAINATTI FANHBLEY stands at the forefront of research, being involved with universities and independent research groups to test new substances and products.

Elegance is in everything we do. Starting with the choice of our HQ.


The other soul of PRAINATTI FANHBLEY  is Elegance. Our mission is to bring science-based products to our customers, permeating those products with profound Elegance.

For PRAINATTI FANHBLEY, Elegance does not only relate to impeccable style; ethics, creative solutions, choice of partners and customer experience are implied too.

Our inspiration comes from the luxury history of Italy and England, both represented in our name and both representing two among the world’s top examples of style and tradition. Our constant challenge is to infuse this tradition and Elegance in everything we do, from top products and innovation to all the day by day interactions with our customers. To stay inspired, we located our headquarters in the majestic Piazza di Spagna in Rome, a worldwide renowned example of Elegance.

A diverse & experienced team, driving change in aesthetics.


PRAINATTI FANHBLEY is made by people united under a unique visionary project.

But not just any people. We are a group of talented professionals with combined several decades of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine combined with a network of outstanding, top-tier partners covering all phases of the creative, productive and distributive cycles.

Among our founders, some have deep, historic roots in the aesthetic field, reaching decades in the past of the Italian school of aesthetics’ legacy; other founders have wide international experience in the aesthetic field, from non-invasive solutions to managing and founding aesthetic clinics, with profound knowledge of this market. This powerful core set of competences and experience is coupled with an international team of selected professionals and best in class third parties.

We choose the best for our end-users.

Quality & Safety

The health and well-being of end-users and customers is and always will be a top priority for PRAINATTI FANHBLEY.

We innovate responsibly, choosing the best raw materials available on the market and working with manufacturers with a proven track record of delivering the highest quality.

We rely on chosen partners for our commercial activities, ensuring they comply with our quality standards and our vision.

Selected pharmaceutical partners are manufacturing for us only, in exclusivity for this field.

We are here to lead, not to follow.


It’s in our DNA. We approach all of our activities with a disruptive mindset, respecting traditions but diving into the future with optimism and boldness.

We believe in launching pioneering, breakthrough ideas into markets, coming up with simple solutions to complex needs and problems.

International patents and a strong creative force stand behind us and we are supported by an enthusiastic network of medical professionals that are eager for innovation in the aesthetic field. Meeting and surpassing their expectations it’s part of our job.

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