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Perfectly incarnating Prainatti Fanhbley’s vision, SISTHAEMA HEVO T is our flagship product, introducing a whole new concept of minimally invasive treatment, the systemic dermal regeneration.

This extraordinary product is truly infused with Innovation, Science and Elegance, featuring a breakthrough and patented combination of hyaluronic acid and trehalose, proven to last longer and to have an additive effect on dermal regeneration and deep hydration of the skin.

Cutting-edge technologies are used during production, including hyaluronic acid fragmentation and Selective Spectrum Technology, an advanced technique to select and use a range of molecular weights in the same gel solution, to provide with a whole spectrum of therapeutic effects. An injection technique has been developed exclusively for SISTHAEMA HEVO T: the Tense Technique.

The philosophy of harmony and equilibrium

With millions of units sold worldwide, today HAEQUEO is the result of continuous improvement since 2006.

Discover a line of unique dermal fillers with unmatched characteristics like cohesiveness, softness, expandability and reduced force required for extrusion. This exclusive set of peculiarities has been named under a worldwide patented term: PERMEANCE™, only in HAEQUEO.

Expanding in intra-dermic spaces, HAEQUEO permeates the whole treated area: the final effect is perfect equilibrium, a harmonious and natural result.

Biodynamic Tissue Regeneration

Discover the most innovative, entirely tailored approach to topical dermal regeneration. Antiaging, regenerative effect, soothing and anti-inflammatory action for sensitive skin, rosacea, acne, oily skin, hyperpigmentation: there is almost nothing that THALEUM can’t solve. Combining several components in different treatment protocols, THALEUM can target all these issues and more.

Improved Bio-Stimulation

The high technological specialisation of our laboratories allowed us to fully integrate cutting-edge technologies to create a skin bio-stimulating solution able to target multiple and differentiated goals, with specific actions on deep rehydration and revitalization of metabolic and vascular activities of the dermo-epidermal structure.

PHORMAE is an all-round product ideal for all kinds of patients, benefiting from many features in common with “star-products” in our portfolio: Selective Spectrum Technology and fragmented pharma-grade hyaluronic acid, plus the highest manufacturing standards make PHORMAE the most unique skin bio-stimulating product on the market.

Approaching Perfection

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